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Watch, anyone?

Today I went for a stroll down the woods. A glistening heap of metal caught my eye. There, in the middle of a clearing lay a heap of watches. All of them ran, but some were fast. Others were slow or started ticking faster as they warmed in my hands. Some were thicker, some thinner. Some were too large to fit on my wrist, others too small to be readable. Upon close inspection, they all turned out to be different. No two were identical.

I surmise they were made by a very unintelligent watch maker. Instead of sitting down behind a sheet of paper and running through calculations, he must've been making one after the other, throwing out each one he couldn't sell, thus slowly honing his watchmaking skills.

At least I think there was a watchmaker involved, because I haven't seen the watches reproduce of their own accord.

Tuesday 18 October 2011